I believe in God, and that I need Him.
I believe in the love of a good woman, how it can make a man complete, betrayal, and how it can destroy you.
I believe in living, and that it is the only thing worth dying for.
I believe in luck, fate, and destiny. but that God gives you most of it and you have to make the rest for yourself.
I believe in the power of the human spirit, prayer, and faith.
I believe in going for it on fourth and short and never laying up from the fairway.
I believe in hitting first and hitting hard.
I believe in earning what you get and giving to those who can't.
I believe in never saying 'no' to your friends if at all possible.
I believe in humility, privacy, and being a servant to others.
I believe in diving in, and then figuring out how to swim.
I believe in giving people breaks, whether they deserve them or not.
I believe in being grateful for what you have and never whining.
I believe in resisting shortcuts and doing it right.
I believe in giving, and expecting, respect.