Thinking of time, fleeting, as it burns away to nothing,
I wondered of life and love, pain and sorrow, of happiness and mourning.
To live the fruitless lives we lead, bound in our own lusts and pride,
So tragic to throw so much away, to cast so many dreams aside.
For fate we call it, so swift and cruel, is the tool in the right hand of God,
Used to mold our lives as we lead them, to bend and break our will, to clear the path we trod.
Amazing to me, to see so many withstand so much, and it never occur to them the cause,
Impossible to imagine fighting so many battles, and never once questioning the war.
God, let you and I talk tonight, let us have palaver about the purpose for this man,
Reassure me, in my mind and heart, that through it all you hold me in the palm of your hand.
I am so weary from the road I travel, my time so rought with grief,
If it is only this, Lord, if this is all, then I can in that condemnation find relief.
But tell me, please, I beg of you, uncloak your plan from my eyes,
Or tell me father, if it is I that doesn’t seek thee, where I might find favor in your sight.
For you foundried in me a spine of steel, you gave me a thundering heart and a soul full of fire,
Protected by your armor and wielding your sword, I fight your battles by and by.
But tonight, your soldier has lost sight of the banner, and feels lost in the rages of the war,
Turn your face and show me life again, that I would have the vision to fight on.